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Maintenance projects

Open data recovery

Hard disk head crash, head of aging leads to hard drive cannot read the data, hard disk motor damage the hard drive does not work, hard head preamplifier chip damage caused does not recognize your hard disk, and so on. Opening condition: class 100 clean and dust-free workshop, professional opening tool, opened more than five years of experience, specializing in open data recovery. Our Seagate (ST) and Maxtor (MT), Western Digital (WD), Hitachi, IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung and other hard structures and works very well. Open technologies at the leading position in the peer. For many companies after Seagate (ST) hard drive does not recognize data could not be read, we can do this in just a few minutes. Western Digital (WD) does not recognize disk hard drive replacement head knock. We also have a very good technique to solve this type of problem.

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