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Maintenance projects

Computer monitor repair

We will provide you exclude the monitor does not power up, power on no picture, screen is dark, partial color, fuzzy fonts, screen shake, light appear around the screen, cannot adjust brightness, contrast cannot be adjusted displayed image size cannot be adjusted and other faults. Maintenance brand including Dell, and Samsung, and LG, and HP, and ViewSonic, and AOC, and wall, and patriot, and beauty grid, and NEC, and Philips, and TCL, and macro Acer, and ASUS, and KTC, and BenQ, and Apple, and niusuo, and Maya, and China digital, and odd beauty, and technical exhibition, and HKC, and Han depending on odd, and alnsa, and gentry sent, and only Crown technology, and United States game Poulter, and beauty align, and Eizo, and, and ENVISION, and WESCOM, and Han Republika treasure Li, and dream home, brand.