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Unable to browse a page fault

Unable to browse the Web is one of the common faults in Internet: when you have successfully dials and validated via a username and password, you will find that the bottom right corner of the system there are two monitors connected icon, this icon represents you already have dial-up Internet access. But many friends at this time but will find that open a browser but cannot access any site here and discuss how to troubleshoot this problem.
the fault caused the failure of the common for three main reasons:
1.DNS server settings, this is the most common mistake.
2.TCP/IP protocol errors, which are also common.
3. modem fault
II, and solution approach
to excluded above 1th species situation caused of fault, you need first check dial network in the of main control DNS and auxiliary DNS whether has errors, note here is check "dial network" of DNS and non-"Control Panel" in the of "network" of DNS, following to Windows98 for cases description, other operating system also can reference, is nothing more than is corrected lost wrong has of DNS server address and heavy loaded about TCP /IP Protocol, follow these steps:
1. on the desktop, double-click "my computer" icon, a new window will open, in the window double click "dial-up networking" icon.
2. in dial network window found you dial Internet with of that icon, for example "I of connection", with mouse right key click this icon, in pop-up of menu Shang with mouse left select most following line "property"
3. in pop-up of window top click "server type", note figure in the Windows98 default is selected has "landing network", and "NETBEUI", and "IPX/SPX" this several option of, need put this three a option removal.
4. click Shang figure right Xia angle of "TCP/IP set" button, will pop-up window, check first line "has distribution IP address of server" left whether has black spots, if no is must with mouse click, in see this window Middle has two line Chinese respectively is "has distribution name server address of server" and "specified name server of address", this two line in the system must let you select which line, if you select has "specified name server of address" this line, You need to pay special attention to, look inside the "master DNS" and "secondary DNS" is set wrong, (163 user master DNS in Guangzhou area: if it is set wrong, you cannot browse to the Web page, so you must change the value of error here. Explain DNS domain name servers, which are used to convert English Web site you entered in the browser can identify the IP address of the computer, you must ask your Internet service provider (if you are 163 users, then you can ask the local telecom sector Consulting) ask them the addresses of the DNS servers, the correct address on here. If you do not know the "master DNS" and "secondary DNS" should be filled in, then please select "server assigned name server addresses" and now, look at this window to the bottom two rows of Chinese "pointer to use IP header compression" and "default gateway uses the remote online" tick? These two lines must be checked and set, and then click twice "OK".
now please try dial-up Internet access, and browsing the Web, can you browse?
following say said due to TCP/IP agreement out problem caused of fault, if you check had above set Hou found set no errors, but still cannot browse page, so you will check "TCP/IP" agreement whether errors has, approach following:
in desktop Shang double-click "I of computer" icon, again double-click "Control Panel", in Control Panel in the found "network" icon, double-click it, will pop-up a new of window, in pop-up of window in the see "has installation has following network component "Is installed in the following key:

x dial-up networking adapter here to pay special attention to two points:
first, if you repeat two dial-up networking adapter is installed, or TCP/IP, you cannot browse the Web, how to see is to repeat the installation of it? If repeat dial-up networking adapter is installed, you will see a line saying "dial-up networking adapter #2" or "#2 TCP/IP-> dial-up networking adapter", where one more "#2" mean you have installed twice, if there is such a #2 line, please be sure to delete this row.
Second, if here no repeat installation, but and certainly dial network in the of configuration correct, so very has may is TCP/IP agreement errors caused cannot browse page, solution approach is delete this agreement again installation TCP/IP (note do this step Qian please first determine you has Windows9x of installation CD, because heavy loaded Shi system need from this CD in the read data), specific method is: with mouse left key click "dial network adapter", again attention this window has three a button, Respectively is "added", and "delete" and "property", click "delete", then you will found "dial network adapter" has was delete, again check "TCP/IP", usually if you no loaded other NIC, delete has dial network adapter Hou TCP/IP also will followed delete, if you installation has other NIC, so please you with mouse left key click contains TCP/IP of line, then will they all delete. Click "OK". Whether the system will ask you to restart the computer, click "Yes". After you restart the computer, and then enter "Control Panel", double-click "network", return to the window, and then click the "add" button, a new window will appear, in this window select "adapter", then click "add", and finally, a new window will appear.
box to the left of the window is "vendor", select "Microsoft" in the box on the right, select "dial-up adapter", click OK, and you will find the control panel is now back in the "network properties" window, and the "the following network components are installed" has been added "dial-up adapter" and "TCP/IP" Protocol. Click "OK" in Windows9X systems may require you to install disc, after reading the data will ask you whether to restart the computer, click "Yes", restart the computer and dial-up Internet access, usually to the exclusion of this fault will not browse the Web.
Tip: in the passage above, please be sure to pay attention, some friends reflect reload "TCP/IP" still cannot surf the Web, we tested, because some friends removed the "TCP/IP" does not restart the computer immediately after add back in the window "TCP/IP", finally, restart your computer, do so in vain. Please remember to be sure to remove the "TCP/IP" Restart computer, and then add the "TCP/IP", added again after restarting the computer, rebooted the computer twice instead of only a total restart, only in order to resolve the failure.
If you attempts to has above steps still cannot browse page, so please you will judge whether modem out has fault, many people may cannot accept this possibilities, think Shang once are can Internet or modem is new of, so certainly not modem of problem, this views too not objective, to know fault always suddenly appeared of, last normal not representative now not appeared fault, new of equipment also does not necessarily completely no fault, according to I experience, In practical work, found that more than 1th, 2-step detection of problems, usually are caused by MODEM or port of the computer failure, you can put the MODEM to try other places, at the same time if your MODEM is external, try to stick it to another serial port, computers typically have two serial ports (COM1, COM2). If the MODEM interface is USB port, plugging into another USB port try, if there really is a hardware failure, so he went to the supplier for repair or replacement of hardware.