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Measures to let no memory read/write error occurred

A, removes invalid plug-in
surfing in the process, many of the plug-in will be installed in a computer system, and many programs tend to have anti-delete function, so these plugins easily conflict with other applications, thereby indirectly causing the system memory read/write error. In order to give the bulk of applications or games to provide a clean, stable work environment, we'd better using procedures similar to the 360 security guards regularly, to see if the system is being secretly installed various invalid junk plugins, once found, that they can be unloaded from the system clean.
, repair damage to the system files if the computer system is accidentally infected with a virus or mistakenly delete operation occurs, the system files associated with system memory read and write operations are likely to be damaged, and once these system files are damaged, then we are susceptible to memory read/write failure tips. So, we once met memory read and write errors of tips Shi, may wish to according to following steps repair about system, see system whether exists damaged of file:
first: using latest version of antivirus software, to on computer systems for completely to virus Avira operation, because computer systems once infection has virus and not for clear words, we even repair has system file, virus still has may will continues to damage system file, so timely using antivirus software to will computer in the of virus all clear clean, Can ensure that the system files do not continue to be threatened by the virus.
second: use the system's "SFC" command, to try to repair the damaged system files to a normal state. In repair damaged system file Shi, as long as followed by click "began"/"run" command, in pop-up of system run dialogue box in the, entered string command "SFC/SCANNOW", click Enter Hou, the command program on will on system each corner at of system file for search scan, once found system file of version not right or system file has damaged words, it on can automatically pop-up tips interface, requirements we insert Windows system of installation CD, To extract the normal system files to replace system files is not normal, so as to achieve the goal of repair system files. If system repair operation is successful, I believe that when we restart the computer system, will not see any abnormal phenomenon.
three, and timely release system memory
we in run some large of program or game Shi, need consumption quite of system memory resources, such both is easy caused system resources insufficient phenomenon of produced, to effective avoid this errors tips, we best in run capacity larger of program or game zhiqian, should first will computer systems again started about, such can will system memory space full release out. If the memory is small, you should upgrade your memory, so as to avoid the phenomenon of insufficient system resources.
certainly, in system itself memory space insufficient of situation Xia, we should first will those random started of antivirus software and related rates monitoring of program temporarily close off, zhihou again attempts to run capacity larger of application or network game, because antivirus software and the related monitoring program will in must degree Shang consumption some system memory resources, will they close can save not small of memory space, to can effective avoid memory read and write errors phenomenon of occurred. Of course, worth noting is that we finished the bulk of the program is running or after the game, must also remember that procedures relating to monitoring all open in a timely manner.
four, and manual repair system service
also will led to system pop-up memory read and write errors of tips, so dang we encountered this errors phenomenon Shi, can attempts to manual repair about Windows Management Instrumentation service, following is specific of repair steps:
first: with mouse right key click System desktop in the of "I of computer" icon, from pop-up of shortcut menu in the implementation "management" command, Open local system of computer management window, in the window of left displayed regional, followed by expand "service and application"/"service" option, in corresponds to "service" option where of right displayed regional in the, found Windows Management Instrumentation service, and mouse right key click the service option, from pop-up of shortcut menu in the implementation "property" command, open as figure by shows of service property set interface
Second: set interface at the "General" tab, click the "stop" button, the Windows Management Instrumentation service is temporarily stopped. , Open Explorer window of the computer system, in the window, expand "Windows", "ssystem32", "WBEM" and "repository" folder and then "repository" backup all of the files in the folder window, all content in the folder after the backup is completed all clear