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Laptop hard drive upgrade hard drive light does not light

Question: my HP laptop has been more normal, recently bought a Toshiba 80G hard drive upgrade after installation using all normal. But there is one small problem is the light regardless of whether to read the file is not on your hard disk, how do I solve?
address reference: If you exclude problem of the laptop itself, it is estimated that this problem is because you bought a new hard drive and your computer incompatibility, if lamp is not lit, hard drive and there are no other problems, then you can ignore, conditional proposal to replace one other brand of hard drive to try. In addition, also suggests you can also use the freeware "Hard Disk Indicator" to solve the problem. After starting the software, the toolbar will automatically appear in a small icon with the hard drive indicator is very similar to, when every time hard disk read and write operations, the virtual "lights" will Flash. To some extent, plays a "hard light" effect.