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Laptop hard drive cause timing of Kaka

We've met a lot of customer advisory notebook hard drive regularly will make Kaka sounds, therefore we do not have less saliva, in fact this is a Hitachi hard drive protection technology, I received 6 consultation of all Hitachi hard drive.
This is because the new Hitachi hard drive, head of technical, hard chip detects magnetic head position, was not timed in place, to avoid accidental collisions caused by damage to the hard disk. This is not nonsense, but a real fact. This is the IBM developed APS (Active Protection System, active protection system) technology, and later combined with Hitachi and Hitachi hard disk sector on the hard disk.
the following are technical documents for APS, for your reference.
first, disk mode, movement heads above the disk, reads, when impact forces within 2 milliseconds is less than 200 grams, can generally rely on ThinkPad's own shell and shock-proof design to avoid damage to the hard disk. And when the impact force after more than 200 g at 2 MS, damage will increase as the impact energy increased. When the disk is non-working, head in the end zone (Parking Zone), the hard disk Max can handle up to 800 grams in 1 second impact; more than 800 g/milliseconds after impact, damage will increase as the impact energy increased, as shown in Figure 2 the function on the right. That is, if you can head back to stop in a timely manner, the hard drive can withstand more impact than in working condition is not compromised. IBM APS technology is based on this principle, predict the likely impact, head movement to a stop in a timely manner to protect the disk.
according to the IBM laboratory in a large number of actual survey notebooks fall mostly under operating conditions from the desktop or knee drop, falling from 120 cm height (usually people knees with a height of 50 cm, desktop height 70 cm), how can the will at the Thinkpad occur collisions near the head in place, has become the key issue.
after Hitachi took over IBM's hard drive Division, a number of changes to the APS technology. Back to predict timing, hard disk protection technology has been further strengthened.
called load/unload technique
"Load/unLoad" head load in/load out of technology can make a magnetic head on the hard disk automatically when the rest back to the fixed position of outer ring, avoiding head shaking damage to the disc.