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CPU fault handling skills

failures due to quality problems we often encounter a computer glitch, although strange, but also is the view of the importance of hardware, such as CPU, disk, memory, video cards, sound cards, motherboards, and more. But the failure rate of the CPU itself is the lowest in all computer accessories, this CPU as high-tech products, has a very strict production and inspection procedures are inseparable, so computer malfunction due to quality problems with the CPU is indeed rare. But has a situation not ignored, is in computer products high profit of temptation zhixia, some illegal manufacturers on computer standard parts for thyristor, and again mark (Remark), and shoddy even will waste, and defective as authentic sold, led to has these "Super General play" of products performance not stable, environment slightly has does not apply or using time slightly long on will frequently occurred fault, like CPU, and memory article, and CACHE, and Board, core parts and related products of quality bad, Often causes no panic's main source of failure. And the CPU is the most impersonated the parts is very easy to cause panic. CPU Pentium II 233 may be Remark into the CPU of Pentium II 266. So CPU r waiting to purchase. Best buy "boxed" CPU, "boxed" b is the original package unopened, k and accompanied by a letter of guarantee. Remark the CPU when used in low temperature and short time everything was all right, but in an environment of continuous high temperature long time its death malpractice was exposed.
Windows, 3DS, requires high CPU features than simple software such as DOS can find a CPU problem. Solution is to consult the manual to CPU clock speed jump from 1 to 2 grades used, such as: 166 to 120 or 150, 133. If the freezing is significantly reduced or disappeared, then you can judge is the CPU problem. Of course you can also use Exchange identification, replacement of the same model the normal CPU if you don't panic it can be concluded that only one CPU problem.
due to the CPU's clock speed and higher, high-speed Cache capacity is growing. Cache problems lead to unstable operation of the system also increases. Especially some Cache problem products, manufacturers will sell its shielded demoted after strategy, also provided an opportunity to JS fraud, if the block Cache of goods bought by hand, it goes without saying that ~CPU would greatly increase the chances of failure. Therefore, when running large programs, if your computer system instability or some are at issue, in excluding software, accessories and other viruses on the basis of more attention to quality of the CPU itself problem now! Enter the motherboard BIOS Setup, the CPU internal Cache is temporarily closed, if conditions improve, then CPU is likely to have quality problems.
in addition, the dangers of overclocking you should be aware of the the overclocking it will generate a lot of heat, the CPU temperature increases, causing the "electronic transfer" effect, and overclocking, we will typically increase voltage, so that heat generated will be more. But we must be clear, not directly hurt CPU hot, but hot as a result of "electronic transfer" effect inside the damaged CPU chips. They say CPU overclocking Burns, in fact, strictly speaking, should be the high temperatures caused by "electronic transfer" effect caused by the results. In order to prevent the "electronic transfer" effect, we must put the CPU surface temperature is below 50 degrees Celsius, so that CPU internal temperature can be maintained at below 80 degrees, "electronic transfer" phenomenon doesn't happen very easily. In addition, "electronic transfer" effect is not immediately damaged chips, it is damage to the chip is a slow process, but it will reduce CPU life, if you keep your CPU at a very high temperature, not sensationalism--your CPU from scrap the day is not far off. Here to remind everyone, don't pursue overclocking too much, because it is no longer meaningful, but also very dangerous.
2: riser and slot failure caused by
Although the failure rate of the CPU itself is not high, but accessories associated problems lead to the possibility of a system failure or larger. Riser card is the Intel processor market positioning errors of excessive products of the company, as it appears, to some of the earlier SLOT-ONE structure of boards brings some life, be able to use some of the higher frequencies of Celeron, from "no fit", as now many of my friends on the old motherboard using riser card upgrade Tualatin Celeron CPU. Using CPU riser card is not the best method, because the speed signal changes are likely to lead to instability problems. And there have been no problems in the tests, but we cannot guarantee stability. If you use a riser card, you must turn off the temperature monitoring function in the BIOS. Because on the riser card and no special heat sensors, nor transmit temperature signal. Riser card in this category there are many kinds, some only transferred FSB jumper, some features more complete, multi-CPU core voltage adjustment functions. And if the riser card quality problems, can lead to nothing happens when the power failure.
the most power is in the computer CPU, operating current can be as high as dozens of amps, riser increase CPU power required, contact parts of working long hours in a State of high current, easy to heat oxidation at the contact site which leads to poor contact. Some cheap riser, the contact does not have gold-plated handle, are more vulnerable to this problem. When this situation is encountered, cut off the power supply, open the case, unplug the adapter, using ethanol and other clean in "Goldfinger" above, such as oxides, the problem could be resolved.
again, because the CPU interface on the motherboard Slot vertically installed 1,CPU through the riser card to the motherboard, if it is a tower case, the motherboard is vertical, perpendicular to the CPU and motherboard, down the center of gravity for a long time, plus the weight of cooling fans, is likely to Slot 1 slot Reed long deformation caused by poor contact failures. Encountered this type of problem, only to find ways to try to make the riser that slopes downward to make restitution to resolve. If you experience a power fan, CPU fan, self-test tone cannot be heard, and there is no beep, monitor power light is on, black screen, computer does not start up caused by such failures, should avoid detours-the first maintenance check CPU or riser.
when installed in CPU Socket class, we have to be careful – to put the CPU in the correct direction into the socket, making each pin is inserted into the corresponding holes in the attention to put it out, but don't put pressure on CPU, and then press the handle can be fixed. But if you are experiencing poor quality slot, CPU insertion resistance is very large, so everyone during removal or installation should pay attention to maintaining the balance of CPU, before installing check for bent pins, do not use, they would even wager or pull out, otherwise it may break the pins on the CPU, and give themselves unnecessary trouble. You know, once the CPU pins broken problem users is difficult to deal with, and that such failure distributors will not be responsible for changes, but can be sent to the point of specialized maintenance, by means of special welding processes, it is possible to repair.
3: temperature and heat
with the increase of operating frequency, the heat generated by the CPU are also getting higher and higher, has hundreds of Watts of power consumption. CPU is computer in the fever maximum of accessories, if you of thermal device thermal capacity not strong, produced of heat cannot timely distributed off, CPU on will long-term work in high temperature State Xia, by semiconductor material made of CPU if its core work temperature high on will produced electronic migration phenomenon, while also will caused computer of run not stable, and operation errors, and panic, phenomenon even burned CPU, serious against information security, if long-term in high of temperature Xia work on will caused CPU of permanent damaged.
CPU operating temperature obtained by motherboard monitor function, and General CPU operating temperature 40 degrees higher than the ambient temperature are normal, but it should be noted that is the motherboard temperature accuracy is not as high as everyone thought, check in the BIOS to see the CPU temperature, for informational purposes only. Accurate we cannot measure the temperature of the CPU core, but as long as the computer is working properly, no problems such as frequent crashes, you do not need to worry. In addition to the Board's CPU temperature outside temperature measuring device for the determination, we can also output by the CPU power and fan power to estimate.
with the CPU clock speed increased, cooling issues become more and more serious, the thermal situation has become the number one killer of causes CPU to fail, this kind of fault in the boot operation after a period of time the system frequently crashes or reboots. To solve the problem of CPU heat sink, fever is purchased in line with provisions not only according to the CPU cooling fan, such as copper turbofan, high speed ball bearing fan (ball-bearing fan blowing gently through your mouth will turn up, but no noise), also notice that the cooling fan is properly installed.
due to the calorific value of CPU is getting big, core area is smaller, from a technical standpoint, because wind-cooling system of the thermal efficiency of thermal capacity and limited thermal interface's role became more and more important. Because the production of more sophisticated heatsink directly contact with the CPU to avoid spaces are being created, conducting media can fill the CPU and the gap between the heat sink and heat conduction, wipe and do not rub the qualified thermal grease, it's cooling effect can vary by more than 1 time. Current CPU AMD series in particular, if you do not pay attention to the problem of the thermal conductivity of silicone grease easily in danger of burning CPU. So the CPU fan runs we should always pay attention to check, it is best to periodically clean and lubricate. In addition to the heat sink of the CPU itself, cooling of the entire chassis can not be ignored should be used in size large, well-designed chassis.