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After the hard drive has bad sectors approach

The parts of the computer, users are most concerned about and most delicate of all is the hard drive. Indeed, entered the high-speed rotating hard disk as a boot, and now the software became more larger, hard disk read and write more and more frequently, due to the improper use of the user, so it is very easy to create the hard drive has bad sectors. Cause your computer to not boot failure, caused great loss to the user.
for the bad sectors hard, General view is, if it is logical bad sectors can be formatted using the WINDOWS partition repair tool, if you can't repair formatted with the WINDOWS partition tool mark bad sectors. And these are marked out bad generally think is physical bad sectors. In accordance with the broad statement now, this bad road best not to hide them into a separate district, to prevent bad Word continues to spread. WINDOWS partition formatting tool was unable to repair the bad sectors must be physical bad sectors? The answer is no.
Author in 98 purchase has a Fujitsu 4.3GB of hard disk, in using has one years Hou suddenly appeared has few bad road, caused system cannot started, at with WINDOWS of partition format of tool put bad road standard out Hou also no too care, again installation system Hou and normal using one months, but didn't has one months yihou and gradually again appeared has bad road, such repeatedly has times yihou bad road increasingly more, and was puzzling of is each again partition yihou on will found appeared many new of bad road, but if is physical bad road words, why will because again partition yihou immediately on appeared more new of bad road does?
ran to the Office computer online to answer disappointed me online in addition to the recommended low-level format or bad track into a separate district with no clue, since the Internet no clue has to think about. So began in drawer in the looking for may effective of tool software, in drawer in looking for with various tool software of when inadvertently see several Zhang floppy disk, on has is this several Zhang floppy disk, due to I on many antivirus software of encryption very interested in, so find has many decrypt tool, in for decrypt of when, in writes some encryption points data Shi due to appeared some errors, and caused floppy disk cannot read or appeared many of bad road, and these bad road with format of command is invalid of, fundamental cannot for format of, System always prompts for a floppy disk has been damaged, then only use "HDCOPY" tools such as reformatting before it can be made, and after formatting a floppy disk after disk scanning can not find any bad sectors, which means they have the bad road was actually a logical bad sectors.
my hard drive and perhaps the logical bad sectors, finally I found the DM tools software, it has a function is zero the entire hard drive. Yes, that's right! Use it to give it a try.
set hard disk parameters in the BIOS, hard disk using LBA mode (very important! If optional NORMAL, use DM to zero will cause when you use LBA does not correctly identify the capacity of the failure, if this phenomenon as long as the reset can be a good parameter and then clear again to zero). From floppy disk started, insert floppy disk into DM interface, selected FILL ZERO option implementation on can has, clear 0 speed soon, just a two minutes on can has, clear 0 yihou on can exit DM, again started computer, partition format of hard disk, if hard disk is logic bad road, at you on will found you of hard disk has intact again has, and speed capacity, are is normal.
after more than a year with no problems, it seems my hard drive might be due to some virus interference or for some other reason, such as vibrations, caused by overheating and other logical bad sectors, and these bad sectors such as FDISK and FORMAT commands are beyond repair, looks a lot like physical bad sectors.
so WINDOWS format tool cannot repair bad track below is not necessarily physical bad sectors, hope to have the same situation users can give it a try. Another way, cleared just rewrite the data on the hard disk will not cause any damage to the hard disk.